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Roach: January 12

Roach confidently had his first official "sits" this week & a mini "first ride" today!

Earlier in the week, I felt Roach's confidence had grown enough that I could sit on him without the fence in between my left leg. We did a lot of on/off, on/off so that I didn't overstay my welcome & tank his confidence (especially with the snow still falling off of the barn roof periodically).

Today, we worked on our lateral flexing & I allowed him to move his feet a bit. He continued to stay confident through that.

Roach is one of those horses that has had me thinking outside of the box & I'm so glad this is the path we've taken, as his confidence has grown exponentially. Where Roach has been reactive to the saddle grabbing him at times, I wanted to set it up where he could build confidence in having a rider upon his back without that new first-ride experience causing him to get touchy about the cinches again.

As long as the snow isn't flying on Monday, I expect we'll continue to build upon that first bareback ride.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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