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Roach: February 17

I hope you guys didn't get much snow this week! This week, Roach continued our bareback rides, worked through some of his reactivity with the saddle & the environment, practiced from the fence, & spent each day tied at the trailer with the "big kids" as they got saddled & ridden.

Roach was a bit more bothered by the saddle this week than last week. It was quite chilly & windy earlier in the week & with the snow melting we've moved some things around the place. Roach is very sensitive & aware of any changes in his environment. Those changes make him a bit more reactive to things. Because of his reactivity, he wasn't mentally where I wanted him for our first ride with the saddle.

I've included a couple of videos of Roach soaking near the end of a session earlier in the week. In one of the videos, you'll see how he reacts to his tail blowing in the wind. Something that obviously shouldn't bother him. I do love how he's gotten so much better at regulating himself mentally. He's continued to look to me for guidance when he does get bothered & we've been able to further refine his groundwork exercises.

He's begun to enjoy his time tied at the trailer while I ready & work the other horses. Lots of yawning & standing with a hind leg rested.

I have to make a trip back to Northeast Nebraska tomorrow to trim a few horses & give a couple of lessons, but plan to take advantage of the nice-ish day on Sunday & hopefully keep the ball rolling so that we can make the first ride under saddle happen. If I had an open slot on the trailer, I would have loved for him to come with for tomorrow's trip to work through any reactivity in a completely new environment.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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