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Roach: December 2

Roach had a pretty good week.

He's really gotten the hang of Leading by the Front Feet; it's tough to get him to move off around the round pen because he knows where the release of pressure is. We've also continued with the Laying Down. This morning was likely the last time that we'll do the lay down unless I feel he would benefit from laying down with the saddle on down the road or branch off & use it as more of a trick.

Next week, we will Lead by the Hind Feet, begin Hobbling, & start saddling again.

***Conformation-style shots will be taken & added to this update on Sunday when the weather is nicer & hopefully, the sun is out! Horses got worked early this morning while temps were still in the 30s before the wind & snow picked up & dropped the windchill below zero.


This time of year, many of my clients will opt to have their horses stay in training until the end of February/beginning of March as they know with the colder weather, they won't be able to devote consistent time with their horses. By waiting until February/March, when the weather is beginning to warm up again, they're able to continue working with their horses on a consistent basis. Because Roach hasn't been one to conform to the usual training time frame, I do recommend that his time be extended, especially if you're interested in going the liberty route with Roach someday, as mentioned in the goals you included in your Training Agreement.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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