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Newt: March 1

On Monday, we took advantage of the 70° weather & Newt got a bath & rebraided. Newt did great, considering it had been 2-3 months since his last bath. Tuesday's temps dipped down below freezing again with wind & snow, so everyone got a good rest day.

The rest of the week, we were able to get back into the arena since it was finally dry enough to work up & ride in. This weather, dry ground conditions, & a little sweat equity have been so great for Newt. While he's had a couple of little moments since we moved back into the arena, he nearly manages them on his own & he settles down quite well. He's had fewer moments where he wants to fiddle & push against the bit. He sure wants to be light. He's got a nice little lope once he settles in.

Today, I had hoped to make it down the gravel road, but Newt was doing so good mentally that I didn't want to tucker him out too much since I still needed him to have enough brain power for our trailer loading session as we get ready for him to a trip to Pierce this weekend.

Trailer loading went fairly textbook. Throughout the years, I've noticed that there are two types of horses when it comes to trailer loading. 1) Those that have little issue stepping on, but then tend to struggle with backing off, & 2) those that are more apprehensive about loading, but tend to more readily back off. Newt fell into the second category, which tends to be a bit easier to work with even if it takes a bit more time initially.

Next week, we'll spend some time in the arena working on the Circle & Circle exercise & we'll also head all the way down the lane & venture down the gravel roads. He's going to do some growing up mentally over the next couple of weeks.


I'm going to send your March invoice to cover the full month. We'll see how Newt does throughout March. If all goes well & he really progresses, we might look at an early April pickup date. Otherwise, Newt is welcome to stay a bit farther into spring as well, depending on what your schedule looks like. I'm not 100% sure that this will be a possibility yet, but we'll be taking a trip down to Ponder, TX (near Decatur) April 10-13 for a Professional Horseman's Retreat as part of my Business Mentorship for Horse Trainers program. If they would have room & you're interested, we could potentially discuss Newt accompanying us on that trip with a couple of my other personal horses.

- Lexy Nuesch

Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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