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Newt: January 26

I ended up taking a quick trip up to Rapid City with a student to watch Morgan & Cate on Monday & Tuesday, but we've sure enjoyed the weather during the second half of the week & are looking forward to the 50° weather that's forecasted for next week!

This week was a bit of a review week after nearly two weeks off. Newt was feeling it, so we spent Wednesday reviewing our groundwork. On Thursday, I climbed in the saddle. We worked on flexing, yielding the hindquarters, one rein stops, bend at the walk, bending transitions, vertical flexion at the standstill, draw to a stop, & backing. He only had a handful of little moments with week, but they were very manageable. Next week's weather will be "just what the doctor ordered" for Newt.

Next week, we'll continue to progress on our previous exercises & may begin to venture down the lane & possibly down the gravel roads if all goes well. We'll also take advantage of the nice weather to rebraid manes & tails & potentially wash them as well. As long as the weather cooperates, I'm scheduled to head back to Pierce/Bloomfield for a trimming & lessons weekend on February 3rd & 4th. Newt is welcome to tag along to get some hauling experience, gain additional exposure while hanging out during lessons, & put a ride on in the indoor arena while we're there. Please let me know by Tuesday, January 30th, if you would like Newt to come along & I'll be sure to save him a spot on the trailer.

- Lexy Nuesch


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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