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Newt: February 9

This week, we stayed up on the place out of the wind just tinkering with our Flexing, Yielding the Hindquarters (a lot of this working to keep it very smooth & methodical as this is where he tends to get worried), Bend at the Walk, some Bending Transitions at the Trot, Vertical Flexion at the Standstill, Stopping, & Backing.

I also did a bit of in-hand work in the hackamore, working on both some lateral & vertical softness along with stopping & backing. Since he has a habit of wanting to push down into the bit, I wanted to see how he would respond to this. He had a few moments where he wanted to push against it but did relatively well.

Next week, we'll continue plugging along. If he's ready, we may begin to add a bit of Vertical Flexion at the Walk among our other exercises.

- Lexy Nuesch


Next week's update will be posted on Sunday.

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