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Newt: February 23

What a nice week, even with the wind! We have so needed this weather to dry things up & remind us all that spring is on its way. Newt has especially needed this week of nice weather!

This week was a very successful one for Newt! Now that it's dried up a bit, we've finally been able to do a fair bit of loping, which has been so good for Newt. I've also been able to put a little bit of pressure on him when he has his 'moments' of nearly squirting out from underneath you when he gets worried about something. After this week, I think we've almost nipped those in the bud. Randy was also home early this week & loudly tinkering on his truck, which was PERFECT for Newt to learn that not every noise or every little movement is cause for worry. In the video, you'll see that I was able to pull my phone out while Randy was working & he kept it together. We also made a couple of trips halfway down the lane at a trot & lope with the dogs following along, which went relatively well. I did stop before the culvert, as I think he needs to build his confidence a bit more first before we attempt that for safety purposes. But I think it's safe to say he's finally putting the big boy pants on. 😉 He also got to stand at the trailer while I worked other horses & while Randy continued to work on his truck. It was a great moment for Newt to soak on our big ride from today & to watch Randy with a foot cocked.

Next week, we'll take advantage of the near 70° weather on Monday for a bath. I'll take photos then as well. The horses may have a rest day as temperatures drop down to 24° on Tuesday, but we'll pick back up on Wednesday. I get Randy home for a good part of next week, so I'm hoping to have him making a bunch of noise outside then, as well.

- Lexy Nuesch

Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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