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Nelly: August 19

During Nelly's last week here, we've spent time in & out of the arena. Inside the arena, we've continued to refine our Shoulder In/Out at all gaits, the Turnaround, Stop & Back, & her overall softness in the bridle. Outside of the arena, we've ventured out to the pasture, checking cattle & walking the creek. You've got a nice little mare in Nelly. I'm happy with where she's at. She's got a nice handle on her now. She walks/trots/lopes on a loose rein when needed, is soft laterally & vertically, has a decent stop & backup, moves off your leg, & has a nice start with neck reining. Nelly lopes some nice circles in the arena & I'd trust her in any type of terrain outside of the arena. She's not bothered by the cattle in the slightest. While she is a young horse, I would have no issue giving her time off, saddling up, & riding off without much issue. She's never offered to buck or pull any silly business like that. She bathes, trims, etc., without issue. She stands tied well & rides off by herself without any buddy or barn sourness. If I had to pick on something, it would be her occasional desire to elevate her head a bit more than I would like, which continues to improve with each session. As I mentioned in yesterday's text, time, more experience, physical growth, & more specified training in the roping pen will further improve her - Lexy Nuesch

Feed Instructions:

4# Magnify w/ 3# OMG

8# AlfaLux alfalfa cubes


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