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Mistie: September 3

This week we continued to prep for the show today. With the heat, we didn't make it out & about quite as much as I would have liked this past week.


Now for the show... 😁

Mistie was a champ (literally & figuratively)! I was incredibly pleased with how she handled hanging out at the trailer by herself as well as her first arena class.

She loaded/unloaded great & warmed up in the grass as if it was just another day. They moved the 2 & 3 YO Pleasure class to the beginning of the show following the halter classes instead of being in the middle, so I had to rush & jump off Badger & hop back on Mistie & head to the arena. While we were the only ones in the class, she did excellent. We were to use only half of the arena, which wasn't ideal. She would have leveled out a bit more if we had stayed along the rail as we had been practicing at home, but there was no need for me to pick on her to get that more ideal headset. She was alert to the banners, somebody's kid climbing all over the fence, & the people in the grandstands, but did what we needed to do, considering we didn't get a chance to warm up in the arena! She picked up both of her leads at the lope. I was plum tickled with how she did!

The judge said he really liked her & thought she had a great start. Sure, he would have liked to have seen her a little more level with some flex at the poll but she had a nice cadence & was consistent in each gait.

At the trailer, I really thought she might be a bit worried when Badger left her alone at the trailer, but she was content to snooze just like she was when you were here. There wasn't a single paw or peep out of her.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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