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Mistie: September 23

This week, we spent time reviewing what she already knows, continuing to progress her hindquarter control, & working on our lead departures. At this point in training, I typically don't introduce many new things just before they go home but spend time solidifying the things we've been working on.

I did get an evening to put some hobbles on her, however, didn't get any pictures since she was the last horse of the day & my phone was dead. She really didn't have any issues with it. I may try leaving her hobbled in the arena while I ride another horse this next week.

Today, Mistie received another MagnaWave treatment & it's no secret that she soaks it up.

It's getting "realer" that Mistie will be going home next week & it's going to be hard not having a "go-to" client horse that's so much fun to ride!

This weekend, Mistie will get to make one last trip to my parent's place, where she'll get to take over for Badger & help demonstrate during lessons!


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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