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Mistie: September 10

What a lovely week in Nebraska! 😉 Upper 90's Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday, 105º on Thursday, & 55º & raining on Friday.

On Monday, Mistie got to be in her first parade! She did great with the hustle & bustle of the fair atmosphere. When it came our time to walk through the arena when they announced our name, she wasn't super confident with the kids sitting inside the arena gathering candy from the other floats. She's definitely more of a confident follower, but I couldn't talk Randy into riding in front of me instead of behind me.

While the weather made for shorter sessions this week, Mistie has continued to progress. We've really begun to focus on improving her hindquarter control. She has a tendency to want to move her shoulders instead, so we've had to take it slow so that she understands that I'm trying to isolate the hindquarters.

I've got a couple of visitors coming throughout the week, so we'll have the opportunity to get a fair bit of ride time, both in the arena while I give lessons & outside of the arena. We'll also hopefully begin her hobble training.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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