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Mistie: June 23

This week has been another good week of progression with Mistie! We've continued to improve Bend at the Walk, Vertical Flexion at the Standstill, & Bending with Vertical. We've introduced Bending Transitions & Draw to Stop at the Walk. She's going to be a stopper & really hunts the pre-signal to the stop & then offers to back up! I haven't actively been asking for the back up yet as I'm more focused on her staying soft in her head & neck. When they begin to figure out how to get soft laterally & vertically is when they really begin to get fun!

I've finally gotten word from D&D that my AlfaLux cubes have shipped so I will be going to pick them up tomorrow.


Next week, we'll continue improving upon these exercises, add in Backing (officially), & venture outside of the arena & down the gravel roads for the first time.


Next week's update will be posted Friday.

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