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Mistie: June 10

This week, Mistie transitioned into the snaffle!

We went through the Checking Around process, also. Day 1 consists of Checking Around to the Tail. Day 2 is Checking Around to the Hock & Day 3 is Checking Around to the Saddle. She did really well! I use plastic bags to flag them around a bit during this process & she was quite unfazed by them.

Mistie's first rides in the snaffle went well. She steered about the same as she had our last ride in the hackamore, which doesn't always happen right off the bat. A bit resistant at the lope, but that's not unusual. We also started Bend at the Walk without spurs.

I had noticed that Mistie is dropping feed more than is typical, so I had Jen double-check her teeth for any potential high spots, retained caps, or anything else that may be causing it while she was out today. The teeth weren't the issue; she did a bit of Equinitry work with her, particularly around her poll. There was some restriction & nose sensitivity. It's almost as if her tongue is getting in the way or pushing the feed down & out versus moving it back where it needs to be. I'll continue to monitor for any change, good or bad.


Next week, I'll introduce spurs for more precision & to encourage softness. through the ribcage. We'll continue with Bend at a Walk & add Bending Transitions.


Next week's update will be posted Friday night/Saturday.

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