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Mistie: July 8

This week was sure a hot & humid one, but saw good progress for Mistie.

We've continued building upon our previous exercises. I've begun asking her to hold Vertical Flexion for longer & that's gone very well. She's gotten less bracey during Draw to a Stop from all gaits.

We've also added Sidepassing on the Fence. At first, she really wanted to offer to Back; however, once she figured out where the release was, she really figured it out quite quickly.

Today was bath day & she stood quite well. We've been hosing off after most of our rides with this warm weather & she can get a bit irritated with the water when it runs off the back of her belly & around her hind legs which will elicit some stomping, but I didn't notice that so much during today's bath.


Next week, we'll add Shoulder In/Out & likely Sidepassing Off of the Fence along with beginning to venture out into the pastures.


Our Fort Rob trip will likely be pushed to August 9th/10th through the 14th as I was asked to judge the July O'Neill Horse Shows. Mistie is welcome to make the trip with a couple of other client horses if you're interested. Unless something arises, that should put her closer to the 90 days of work mark & she should be ready to head home shortly after August 15th. She's more than welcome to extend her stay pending when you'll be ready for her.


Next week's update will be posted Friday.


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