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Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship

Mistie: April 28

Mistie has had a very successful few days & her first few rides are officially in the book!

On Tuesday, I decided mid-session to go ahead & put the first ride on Mistie without a round pen helper. I incorporated a bit of positive reinforcement & it went pretty well. We walked, trotted, & loped both directions. She did get a bit sticky-footed loping to the right towards the end of the ride. I attribute that a bit to the R+ (she knew she had to stop moving her feet to receive the reward) & being a bit tired. I also find that some horses aren't as forward in the round pen. That's one of the reasons that I typically only stay in there for a maximum of three rides before getting out into the arena, where they have a bit more of an inclination to free up.

Mistie | April 26