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Mistie: April 15

Mistie | April 11

This week we've been rocking & rolling (& blowing 😅) through the foundation groundwork exercises. She's had no issues with Desensitizing to the Lead Rope & Stick & String, though she was initially a bit worried when I first started slapping the ground with the Stick & String. She's done well with Yielding the Hindquarters. She's struggled with Yielding the Forequarters & the correct footwork, but that's improved significantly throughout the week. Flexing continues to get lighter & softer. We've built upon Lunging Stage 1 (send around & yield HQ to face) with Lunging Stage 2 (quick change of direction & send the opposite direction) & we've just added Sending & Circle Driving. We've also begun to work through Pillar One of the Three Balance Through Movement Method Pillars. I stumbled upon Celeste & her work back in late January/early February. I joined her Facebook Masterclass (highly recommend) & my eyes have been opened! You can see Mistie's response to Pillar One in the video below. I start by asking for vertical flexion, which "turns off" the brachiocephalic muscle in the neck. I want that muscle to be like jello. I will do another video with a further explanation once we get a less windy day so I can set up my tripod.

Next week, Mistie will be saddled & we'll continue to review the past groundwork exercises under saddle & add in more exercises specific to being under saddle like Popping the Stirrups & Stirrup Driving.


I was hoping to be able to make the trip up to Jen's next week; however, I've just received word that she is unavailable April 18-27, so it will likely be the first week of May.

If all goes well, the weather holds out, & I have a round pen helper available, I hope to put her first rides on during the last week in April.


Next week's update will come on Wednesday as my Business Mentorship for Horse Trainers group is holding a Business Mastermind Class near Ponder, TX, next weekend, so I will be gone April 22-25.


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