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Max: May 6

On Monday, Max had his third successful ride in the round pen & then moved into the arena. Since then we've started every ride in the arena. We've been working on One Rein Stops & Cruising to establish our gas pedal, brake, & some cruise control. All has been going well with no complaints!


Next week, we'll continue to improve One Rein Stops & Cruising while adding Follow the Fence & Yielding the Hindquarters from a Standstill. It looks like we should have a couple of warm days & may shoot for a bath, too!


Be thinking about when you'd like your farrier to come out. Max could be done anytime now. I'm free most weekdays in May aside from the 13th (potential funeral & brother's graduation reception). My weekends are booked with graduation, trimming, lessons, & a Les Vogt Clinic in Grand Island. You're more than welcome to come out for the appointment as well, but I would like to be here.


Next week's update will be posted on Thursday night.

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