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Max: May 26

This week, Max learned how to Lead by his Front Feet & was Laid Down for the first time.

Boy, did he make Leading by the Feet a lot of work. He kept wanting to switch directions going around the round pen which made things a bit tricky. It took a bit for him to begin to yield to the pressure of the rope around his foot, but once he figured it out, he progressed pretty quickly. With the Lay Down, he was pretty resistant. He wasn't much of an active resister but almost quit looking for the release of pressure. Once he laid down, he was pretty content to stay there & took a bit of coaxing to get back up.


In the first part of next week, we'll review Leading by the Front Feet & begin Leading by the Hind Feet. We'll also finally begin transitioning into the snaffle about mid-week. I know I've said this for a couple of weeks, but horses are good at reminding you that your agenda has to be a bit flexible!


Next week's update will be posted Friday night.


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