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Max: June 3

This week, we started with Leading by the Hind Feet. Max had a bit of resistance initially but it didn't take long for him to begin stepping back to find the release of pressure.

On Wednesday, Max was introduced to the snaffle bit for the first time. He worked his mouth for quite a while. I don't expect too much on that first day & have them stand tied while wearing it. Day Two, they stand tied along with pack it around during groundwork. I also begin to apply direct pressure & ask them to flex. Typically, Day 3 will be a repeat of that along with using the mecate lead for groundwork & putting the first ride in the bit. However, I have chosen to wait until the beginning of next week so that we can start our days with the Checking Around process in the round pen (something that I like to have three days in a row to do) & move right to the arena for the first few rides in the bit.


Next week, we'll start with the Checking Around process in the round pen before moving to the arena for Max's first rides in the snaffle. We'll review our previous exercises before adding spurs & working on softening the ribcage with Bend at a Walk.


Next week's update will be posted Friday night/Saturday.

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