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Max: July 29

This week, we spent time working on improving the body control exercises we've been working on lately.

New this week, we spent a few days down at the Rollback Fence that I have set up in the hay yard. Max did pretty well with it. It has helped improve his stops & quicken his feet up a bit, especially in the turnaround.

We also took several rides through the pastures & walked the creek for the first time. Max does really well riding out & about. He will occasionally stop to listen if he hears something (i.e., the dogs in the distance) & will continue plodding along. Once we got to the creek, he walked down the embankment & right into the creek with no issues. Because the creek is crystal clear, he was a little uncertain about some of the plants & deeper spots but grew more confident the farther we went & a couple of days.


Next week, we'll continue refining the exercises we've been working on & spending most of our time outside of the arena. At this point in training, I don't tend to try to introduce too many more new things but rather focus on bettering the foundation that's been laid.

We're also scheduled to have Jen come down on August 3rd for their follow-up Equinitry sessions.


Next week's update will be posted Thursday.

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