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Max: July 22

Another great week with Max!

He did well with Circle N' Circle & I introduced him to Draw to Walk Transitions lightly during that exercise. We've continued to work on refining our body control. His turnaround is coming along nicely now that we got out of the deeper sand in the arena. We're also in the very beginning stages of Yielding his HQ on the circle.

He's been standing tied like he's been doing it for years.

Max also got introduced to my large training ball. He was pretty unconcerned about it bouncing against him & had no problem pushing it around.

I opted to spend a bit more time working on the body control exercises this week & held off on our outside riding as next week's weather looks "cooler" for some longer rides.


Next week, we'll visit the Rollback panels & we'll put some longer rides on in the pastures & walk the creek for the first time.


Next week's update will be posted Friday.

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