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Max: April 15

Max | April 11

This week we've been rocking & rolling (& blowing 😅) through the foundation groundwork exercises. Max has had no issues with Desensitizing to the Lead Rope & Stick & String. He's done well with Yielding the Hindquarters. We've been struggling with Yielding the Forequarters & the correct footwork, but it's been improving. Flexing continues to get lighter & softer. We've built upon Lunging Stage 1 (send around & yield HQ to face) with Lunging Stage 2 (quick change of direction & send the opposite direction) & we've just added Sending & Circle Driving. We've fixed his desire to dive close to me with his right shoulder through those exercises. We've also begun to work through Pillar One of the Three Balance Through Movement Method Pillars. I stumbled upon Celeste & her work back in late January/early February. I joined her Facebook Masterclass (highly recommend) & my eyes have been opened!


I'm enjoying having such a personality here!


Next week, Max will be saddled for the first time. We'll continue to review the past groundwork exercises under saddle & add in more exercises specific to being under saddle, like Popping the Stirrups & Stirrup Driving.

If all goes well, the weather holds out, & I have a round pen helper available, I hope to put his first rides on during the last week in April.


Next week's update will come on Wednesday as my Business Mentorship for Horse Trainers group is holding a Business Mastermind Class near Ponder, TX, next weekend, so I will be gone April 22-25.


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