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Max: April 1

It's safe to say that Max has been settling in well!

Yesterday, we started preparing for some positive reinforcement training that we'll incorporate into our training. We loaded the click & began to teach him 'treat receiving mode.' He's learning that the only time he receives a treat is when he's not treat-mugging & instead has his head in a neutral position or turned away. Today, we spent some time on some beginning groundwork exercises. He did great with Desensitizing with the Lead Rope & Yield the Hindquarters Stage 1. He was a bit resistant to Yielding the Forequarters but began to figure it out. He has a decent start with Flexing. I introduced Lunging Stage 1 as well. He did pretty well going to the left but wasn't very aware of my bubble of personal space going to the right initially. Next week, we'll move into the round pen & begin the round penning exercises & continue to improve & work through groundwork!


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