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Jasper: March 8

This week, Jasper moved back into the shanked bit as we continued to ride in the arena, working on Circle & Circle, & taking some easy rides through the pasture. I tend not to introduce anything terribly new to them the week before they go home. My goal is just to build their confidence & solidify what they already know.

I'm currently taking a Bit Course with the hopes of being certified down the road. He mentioned something that really resonated with me about Jasper. Just as there are horses that are more right or left-sided, there are going to be horses that are stronger laterally & weaker vertically & those that are stronger vertically & weaker laterally. Jasper falls into the latter category. You can see this in how well he softens vertically, stops, & backs (all very vertical maneuvers), while he tends to struggle a bit more with lateral softness when he gets stuck & lateral movements like Shoulder In/Out & Turnarounds.

Next week, we'll spend his last couple of days here getting some time in both the arena & outside riding through the pastures, creek, trees, & cattle. Since the weather will be in the 60s & 70s, he'll likely get one more bath before he heads home. (No photos/videos this week, unfortunately. I found out that I have viral conjunctivitis paired with my cold (& the lovely NE wind) & it has absolutely been kicking my butt for most of the week, so the phone stayed pocketed.)

- Lexy Nuesch


Jasper's final update will be posted on Tuesday.


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