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Jasper: January 26

I ended up taking a quick trip up to Rapid City with a student to watch the cowhorse & ranch classes during the Black Hills Stock Show Horse Show on Monday & Tuesday, but we've sure enjoyed the weather during the second half of the week & are looking forward to the 50° weather that's forecasted for next week!

This week was a bit of a review week after nearly two weeks off. Even with the time off from riding, Jasper saddled & rode off great with no need for groundwork. We continued to work on stopping & backing, turnarounds, sidepassing on the fence, & rode down the lane & crossed the creek a few times.

Next week, we'll continue to progress on our previous exercises, introduce Draw to Walk Transitions, put some more miles on in the pastures, & introduce a shank bit. We'll also take advantage of the nice weather to rebraid manes & tails & potentially wash them as well. As long as the weather cooperates, I'm scheduled to head back to Pierce/Bloomfield for a trimming & lessons weekend of February 3rd & 4th. I'll be scheduling lessons for Sunday, February 4th. I'll make sure to reach out at the beginning of this next week, & we can plan a time for your lesson with Jasper.

- Lexy Nuesch


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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