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Jasper: February 9

This past weekend, Jasper really stepped up to the plate. It was so nice to hear that you were impressed with him. The other gals who came for lessons said he was fun to watch as well. Because my personal gelding, Badger, was sore, Jasper was called upon to help me give a couple of lessons. Help with lessons does a horse a lot of good because I use them to demonstrate different exercises, but they also get some downtime where I'm not actively asking them for too much while I'm watching & talking. With the big weekend that Jasper had, he got a couple of days off early in the week. When we picked back up on Wednesday he was even better than when we finished on Sunday. He's really liking & getting the shanked bit figured out. We took a few trips out to the pastures & just kept things really easy with some concentrated training sprinkled throughout the rides. Next week, we'll spend the majority of our time riding through the pastures while working on his neck reining & responsiveness in the shanked bit & to my legs. I may go ahead & move him into something with a port at the end of the week. We will see how things go & if the weather continues to cooperate. Would Wednesday, February 14th, work for your next lesson? Looks like that may be the last day with weather in the mid-40s for a week or more.

- Lexy Nuesch


Next week's update will be posted on Sunday.

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