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Jasper: February 23

What a nice week, even with the wind! We have so needed this weather to dry things up & remind us all that spring is on its way.

This week, we rode through the pastures, put miles on down the gravel roads, & worked on some more concentrated training things up on the place out of the wind at the end of the week. We did go back to the snaffle, so I can utilize the direct contact that a bit with shanks doesn't necessarily lend to the best. We worked on some Yielding the HQ, Shoulder In/Out, & introduced Turn Around on the Foot & Counterbending, as these will help improve his Turnaround.

Next week, we'll take advantage of the near 70° weather on Monday for a bath. I'll take photos then as well. The horses may have a rest day as temperatures drop down to 24° on Tuesday, but we'll pick back up on Wednesday, working on our new exercises & riding out & about.

- Lexy Nuesch


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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