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Iris: May 6

This week, I continued to clean & treat Iris' leg in preparation for our trip to Knotty Equine along with working on the Balance Through Movement Pillars One, Two, & Three.


We visited Jen at Knotty Equine on Thursday, May 5th. Iris got to help be the therapist for Mistie, one of her pen mates, as Jen worked while Iris helped direct her to where Mistie needed to be worked on. She had a great Equinitry session & really enjoyed Jen working on that left hind leg around her scarring. Jen was quite pleased with the progress of it since we began treating it & felt she was able to soften it up further as she worked on it. The vertical scarring that initially was pretty "crusty" upon her arrival last year is now showing pink skin so I'm optimistic that we may be able to keep that cleared up & hair will start growing back. Jen thinks there may be some kind of fungal growth involved. If so, the things I've been treating it with will continue to help with that.

Jen even noted that we had made progress in her neck through the BTM Pillarwork that we've been doing. I was happy to hear that Jen saw the difference & that work has been paying off!

Looking back at her pictures, it seems that the knobby piece above the vertical part probably started growing about the time that I began the Biofeed spray. Curious if you think there might be a clear correlation or reason for that? We nipped a bit of the growth off yesterday & will continue to clean & treat.

It's crazy how quickly a young horse's teeth can grow! Iris had some imbalance & several sharp points that Jen corrected. Her outside upper deciduous incisors will be falling out in the next couple of months, but they weren't ready to be pulled during the appointment. We'll also be keeping an eye on her bottom outside incisors as they could potentially be coming in a bit crooked. Jen took a bit off of her incisors as well which could be the cause of some head pressure. When we talked with Sue on the phone, she mentioned something with Iris' nose & it appears that her upper intermediate incisor (erupts at 3.5 & in wear by 4) was chipped.


Next week, I'll continue to treat her leg as well as move back to the round pen where we'll review some of those exercises before we begin saddling again. It's supposed to be quite nice about mid-week so we may shoot for a bath, too!

I will also begin Iris' spring round of deworming.


Next week's update will be posted on Thursday night.

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