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Iris: May 12

This week, we began to get back into 'heavier' training in prep to start saddling again.

On Monday, Iris was trimmed under sedation. I wanted to have the time to take photos & get underneath her to do a good job safely without worrying about going beyond her attention span & causing a poor experience for both of us. It worked quite nicely. Something I wish I would have done from the beginning!

I will be putting the hoof photos into a Google Photos album that you can access. I will let you know when I have that ready.

With the chance of storms that we had (& the chance of more mud), I opted to wait to give baths until next week.

Here's a video of some great releases that Iris had while working on Pillar One at the end of a session this week.


Next week, I hope to have Iris saddled by mid-week. From there, we will see how she does with that to determine how we will proceed.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday night.

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