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Iris: April 20

This week, we had a really nice Monday with just a light breeze, Tuesday was some of the worst wind we've had in the past few weeks of crazy high winds, & Wednesday was a bit better. We've continued with the usual leg treatment, working on Pillar One, & have started on Pillar Two.

We don't have any protection from high South winds, so the mares were on the receiving end most of the day.


Next week looks to be considerably better wind-wise. If the weather cooperates, I'll pull out my Pivo to catch some video. We'll begin incorporating more essential oils into our routine & be ready to head to Jen's the following week. From there, we should be able to pick back up "as normal."


In maximizing training time during the short week, conformation-style photos will come with next week's update on Thursday night.


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