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Iris: April 15

Iris | April 12

Iris | April 12

This week, I've continued to treat Iris' leg. I've been cleaning it off with a dilution of Young Living's Thieves Cleaner & spraying with Spurr's Big Fix. In between treatments, I had been applying the Young Living Animal Scents Ointment. I used this with great luck mixed with a few of their Animal Scents oils on Gypsy's wire cut a few years ago. It wasn't until this week that I remembered that I also have the T-Away (Trauma Away) oil. How perfect, considering Iris is storing emotional trauma in that leg. So now, I've been mixing a few drops of that & the Mendwell oil with the Ointment & applying it to the knobby piece. I've also been rubbing a couple of drops of T-Away in my hands before I work with her & will venture to say that it's made a difference.

Iris has figured our routine out. I tend to her leg while she enjoys the Redmond Rock.

We've also begun to work through Pillar One of the Three Balance Through Movement Method Pillars. I stumbled upon Celeste & her work back in late January/early February. I joined her Facebook Masterclass (highly recommend) & my eyes have been opened!


I was hoping to be able to make the trip up to Jen's next week; however, I've just received word that she is unavailable April 18-27, so it will likely be the first week of May. I will have Jen check Iris' teeth since it's been seven months since her last dental to ensure that her caps are shedding as they should be & everything is still balanced.


Next week's update will come on Wednesday as my Business Mentorship for Horse Trainers group is holding a Business Mastermind Class near Ponder, TX, next weekend, so I will be gone April 22-25.


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