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Hickory: March 8

This week, we didn't get to progress quite as far as I had wanted. I've been battling viral conjunctivitis & a nasty cold that I wouldn't pass off as being the lovely COVID, & the wind/dust has not helped the situation (also why I did not get any photos/videos this week). We got several good mounts & dismounts while my eyes were cooperating before we spent our time crossing the tarp in the wind. There is still a good bit of processing going on, as he's licking, chewing, & yawning pretty frequently.

Next week, we've got another stellar week of March weather forecasted without the wind. Lows may not even be below freezing. My goal is to have Hickory confident enough to be walking around under saddle before his pickup next week. He'll likely get one last bath before then, as well.

Hickory's final update will be posted on Thursday or Friday.


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