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Hickory: January 26

I ended up taking a quick trip up to Rapid City with a student to watch the cowhorse & ranch classes during the Black Hills Stock Show Horse Show on Monday & Tuesday, but we've sure enjoyed the weather during the second half of the week & are looking forward to the 50° weather that's forecasted for next week! This week, we picked back up with our groundwork after the nearly two-week break. We pulled the sled some, did a bit of Pick Me Up Off the Fence, & went through the motions of applying weight to the saddle & putting my foot in the stirrup. During his trim & while taking photos today, it's obvious that Hickory isn't the reactive, sticky-footed colt that arrived here back in September. He was yawning like crazy & completely content to hang out & nearly fall asleep. While he does still get a bit wide-eyed about not-the-usual activity happening on the place or when someone new handles him as he did when my husband came out to keep him from reaching for grass during his first set of photos today, he's been relaxing much quicker. As I said in a previous update, I don't believe that Hickory wants to be a renegade bucker. If the potential buyer can be ready to help him through any spots where he lacks confidence during his first several rides, I think he'll make someone a nice horse. Hickory's situation actually pushed me to sign up for a Women's Ranch Bronc School in March. While I don't have any intentions of competing at this time, my goal is to improve my skills so that I can hopefully be a bit better prepared to get to the other side of those rare but potential moments should a horse feel the need to come undone. Next week, pending Hickory's pickup date, we'll continue to work on our groundwork & loading into my slant trailer before he goes home so that he's prepared should he have to hop in one with whoever may buy him. - Lexy Nuesch


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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