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Hero: March 29

We had a shorter week this week due to the snowstorm that rolled through. Because the arena was full of snow, we were back working on the place. I've been tolerating less & less of his sticky feet & have been putting more pressure on him to quicken his response. Today, he decided to get a little testy with me & throw in some crow hops. He found out real quick that that wasn't going to fly though he did try several times. Then, he had a few good hours tied at the trailer to soak on the session.

Next week, I'll be going back to "two-a-days" for Hero. These sessions are going to be considerably longer than our previous sessions so that we can work through those moments when he wants to quit me & learn that hopping around does no good. I'm hoping that we can get a bit tuckered out with the warmer temps & we can take advantage of that & bust off of the place finally & get his feet moving & freed up. We'll also get a bath in towards the end of the week with the 70° weather. Due to the warmer weather, I'm pushing our formal photos to next week. The following week, there will be no update as I will be down in Texas for a Professional Horseman's Mastermind. Normal updates will pick back up on April 21.

- Lexy Nuesch


 Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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