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Hero: March 15

This week, we continued to ride in the arena working on improving his responsiveness when asking for more than a walk. He's been a bit more "gawky" in the arena, as the horses in the pasture in the distance tend to catch his attention at the start of our rides. He's had a few tense moments as I've started to escalate the pressure I'm using a bit more, but he hasn't given me the inclination that he'd go to bucking anymore. We've gotten a bit of loping done, but it's taken a fair bit of effort. The weather warming up has helped immensely as I can ask for a bit more effort & therefore, sweat without worrying about the really cold temps & having to utilize the coolers constantly.

Next week, we may try to go to "two-a-days" since a couple of client horses have gone home, & we have additional time before the next group of horses starts arriving. Hero is one that still requires shorter sessions. Otherwise, he can get frustrated & try to tune you out to a degree with his dullness. But two sessions short sessions a day will be similar to 10 days of work. We'll see where that takes us, but we may just have to get out into the pasture, similar to what I did with Rowdy during his early rides.

- Lexy Nuesch


 Next week's update will be posted on Saturday.


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