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Hero: February 23

What a nice week, even with the wind! We have so needed this weather to dry things up & remind us all that spring is on its way.

This week, we continued to work on our softness & steering at the walk & trot. Today, we had a really great opportunity with Randy home early this week tinkering on his truck. What started as an easy project turned into a frustration, as those things usually do. 😅 Hero missed out on the full experience with the ruckus of the impact & cussing, but I had to help hold a few things for Randy while he tightened the bolts & Hero gladly led up & stood with us while I helped.

These past few weeks of weather warming up have been so good for the horses, especially for Hero! If they're not out of the pen working, they're eating, napping, or playing A LOT. Early on, Hero wasn't really interested in participating in the play with the other two. As things continued to warm up & Newt & Hickory would try to engage him, he began to get more involved. Now, I'll see him initiate the play with the other horses. I think that's transferred to his work as well. There's a bit more energy & spring in his step & a light in his eye.

Next week, we'll take advantage of the near 70° weather on Monday for a bath. I'll take photos then as well. The horses may have a rest day as temperatures drop down to 24° on Tuesday, but we'll pick back up on Wednesday. I'm hopeful that the arena will be ready to get into so that we can begin to do some loping.

- Lexy Nuesch

Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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