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Gibbs: March 29

To start Gibbs' first week here, I "introduced" him to Desensitizing to the Lead Rope & Stick & String, Yielding the Hindquarters & Forequarters, Backing (1. Tap the Air, 2. Wiggle, Wave, Walk, Wack, 3. Marching, & 4. Steady Pressure), Lunging Stages 1 & 2, & Flexing.

Everything went quite well! There are naturally a few little places to smooth out as he gets familiar with my body language & how I'm asking him to do things, but so far, I like what Emily's done with him! The only thing that I can really pick on right now is a few toddler-like moments with his lunging. A little herky-jerky in his movements as I send him off around me & then I can feel a bit of stiffness/brace in his head & neck when I ask him to yield & face me. I've already noticed improvement by the end of the week.

Next week, we'll get into the round pen & see where he's at with his Round Penning. I'll also introduce the Sending Exercise, Circle Driving, & Leading Beside. I'll begin saddling him about mid-week as well. I'm hoping we'll be able to get a bath towards the end of the week with the 70° weather.

I'll probably hold off on his first rides here until after I return from Texas.

- Lexy Nuesch


 Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


Mar 30

Looks like Gibbs has settled in well & I’m glad he is responding to training. I’m not surprised he had a little difficulty with lunging as we didn’t do much of that with him. We did more round-pen work & leading thru obstacles looking for pace, collection & connection. Will be anxious to see how he works in the round-pen for you.

Hope to come up later in April to visit. I will be announcing for the Ranch Horse Show 4/27 in GI.

Thanks so much for the update!


Lexy Nuesch
Lexy Nuesch
Mar 30
Replying to

He did great considering then! Next week will be a good week for him as we work on furthering his softness & responsiveness.

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