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Florida: May 26

Florida has really blossomed in the past couple of weeks!

This week took a bit of a detour from what I initially had planned. After some poor weather on Monday & swapping some cattle with my parents & other ranch projects on Tuesday, Florida came out of the pen a bit jumpy & unsure on Wednesday. I did a bit of groundwork & bodywork the past two days to get her back to her more confident state.

I am pleased with how she's catching lately! She either approaches me or allows me to approach her without much fuss.


Next week, we'll do what I originally had planned for this week - Leading by the Hind Feet & hopefully her first saddle here. If that goes well, possibly her first ride next weekend, but I'm not going to set that agenda in stone.


After working with Florida for the past two months, I am going to recommend that she stays beyond the initially planned 120 days, if possible. Having to undo a lot of the not-so-great habits & reactivity from her past experience is taking more time & she's not the kind that can be rushed through that & stay confident. I'd like to have her pretty solid going back to you in case you decide to sell her, but especially if you hope to potentially ride her.


Next week's update will be posted Friday night.

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