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Florida: May 21

This week has been a week of several more firsts for Florida. We started leading by the front feet. She had a textbook response initially being a bit worried about it, but came around not long after & was quick to come forward off of the pressure.

Florida is getting more & more comfortable. Thursday afternoon, she had this big release. Aside from during her Equinitry session with Jen, she hasn't shown this before.


Wednesday, Florida got her first rinse off followed by her first bath on Thursday. Those both went better than I had expected. She got a bit antsy during the bath as it is a bit longer process with shampooing, conditioning, etc. But I was quite pleased overall. Once she was dry, we got her tail wrapped & mane braided again.


Next week, we'll Lead by the Hind Feet & likely shoot for her first saddle mid-week.


Next week's update will be posted Thursday night.

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