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Florida: June 10

This week, Florida has made BIG strides. She's quieted down even further, but definitely still has little moments where she gets worried. She's been saddling at the hitching post well & leading away without any funny business.

Along with our other exercises, I introduced Desensitizing to Plastic Bags. She was quite worried about them at first but began to accept them better as we progressed through the session.

On Tuesday, we spent time in the barn waiting out the rain. That was a good experience for her with the closer quarters, the wind blowing through, & barn swallows flying about.

We had a really great session on Wednesday. I wished you had been there to watch. I introduced touch & rub hindquarters. This is very similar to one of the first things that I'll do with her once I get in the saddle. I want her to stay relaxed while yielding her hindquarters for a few steps before I ask her to stop her feet & soften her head & neck. First, this allows me to have a fair bit of control over her if she would get worried. Two, this shows her that she can move her feet in a position where she's in a bit of a bind without needing to brace against the pressure or panic.

On Thursday, we started working through Jeffrey's Method (Human Curry Comb). Through time, consistency, & repetition, I was eventually able to lay flat on her back. That was a big confidence boost for her.

I also did a bit of groundwork from atop the picnic table to increase her confidence in me from many different vantage points.

Today (Friday), Jen came to finish Florida's initial Equinitry session. While Florida definitely has a fair bit of stranger danger, she was quite sensitive to Jen working in her flank area today & about jumped out of her skin the first time Jen began to address that area. Most of her issues stem from that right side, which is where she's most sensitive during our day-to-day activities.

Jen found that Florida has a HUGE worm aneurysm - the biggest one that Jen has felt in a horse her age. Florida's been through the deworming protocol, but it needed a bit of extra help getting things moving, so Jen utilized both her Acuscope & Myopulse machines. It was so large that it has 4 vertebrae raised in her spine & has inflammation the diameter of a football surrounding it.

Her hindgut was also in spasm. Jen is going to have me continue to monitor for any improvement after today's session but would like to do a follow-up soon. Because she's such a sensitive mare & so sensitive in that area, Jen believes there's a possibility that she could have hindgut ulcers. Unfortunately, I don't believe vets are able to scope for hindgut ulcers at this point. We're going to put her on Formula One Papaya for digestive comfort.


I don't typically like to do much work surrounding Equinitry days as it's a lot for a horse to process & they tend to continue to work on themselves even hours or days after the session. However, I hope to keep Florida on schedule for her first rides this weekend, so we did an evening session tonight (Friday). Along with the other exercises we've been working on, I introduced Day One of the Checking Around process with the snaffle bit. Day One is Checking Around to the Tail, Day 2 is Checking Around to the Hock, & Day Three is Checking Around to the Saddle. She was a bit reactive but did fairly well.


I also reached out to Triston this evening, asking about her time with him.

His reply was:

"Ya she was pretty spooky & really athletic. She tried me quite a few times but would always ride decent after. Really seemed to have that flight instinct lol. But I definitely thought looks & mechanics-wise she'd make a nice one just would take a lot of riding."

My goal is still to put her first rides on this weekend. However, if she shows me that she's not yet ready in any area, whether mental or physical, I'm not going to put her in a situation to have a poor first ride here. It's not going to benefit anybody. I stand firm in my belief not to push a horse, especially if they're dealing with pain-related issues as Florida could be.

If possible, I would really like to have you come watch one of our sessions next week.


Next week's update will be posted Friday night/Saturday.

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