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Florida: July 8

This week was sure a hot & humid one but saw a bit of progress with Florida in the arena.

While not much surprises me anymore, I did expect Florida to be much freer moving in the arena. I have to do quite a bit of peddling, kissing, & spanking with my over-&-under to get a few strides of lope.

We've really been working on improving that gas pedal & cruise control at the trot & lope. I would typically be spending a fair bit of time working on One Rein Stops with most horses at this point, but she would prefer to stop her feet so we've not done many repetitions of One Rein Stops. Until we can get that consistent & responsive forward motion, it doesn't do much good to try to work on much else.

Today was bath day & she stood quite well. She would get a bit nervous from time to time as I switched sides with my hose, but that's improved since her last bath.


Next week, we may take a few trips down the gravel road to give her someplace to go at the lope if she continues to be a bit sticky in the arena.


Next week's update will be posted Friday.


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