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Florida: July 22

Florida continues to improve bit by bit every day!

We've continued to ride in the arena, working on improving the gas pedal & smoothing out her slow down & stop. She doesn't seem to have much of a two-rein stop on her & gets a bit worried & claustrophobic when picked up in that manner while moving. At the standstill, we've done a bit of Vertical Flexion & Backing.

She definitely still has moments of tightness, but they're a lot fewer & far between.

We did venture outside of the arena & put some miles on in the hay meadow at all gaits. She did well.

Florida also got introduced to my large training ball. I was surprised at how well she did with it from the start. It didn't take long for her to begin pushing it around.


Next week, we'll continue riding in both the arena & out in the pasture before she heads home. When you come to pick her up Friday morning, we'll do similar to your last visit. I'll hop on & show you where she's at currently.


Florida's final update will be posted Thursday.

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