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Florida: July 15

This week, we've bypassed the round pen & have been starting in the arena each day. Florida's gas pedal has improved significantly from the first arena ride. Throughout the week, we've continued in the arena focusing mostly on Cruising. By this morning (Friday), we were able to lope a few laps around the arena without needing any encouragement from the end of my rein.

We've moved away from One Rein Stops for now as she has a higher desire to stop than to move out freely. She REALLY hunts the stop. Sit down & stop riding or say the word, "Whoa," & she applies the brakes. She can get a little "herky-jerky" when she offers to stop when I haven't asked for it & I encourage her to continue moving forward, but she has been doing better with that.


Next week, we'll venture outside of the arena to help free her feet up further.


July 25th will be 120 days for Florida & about 70 days of work. I would love for her to get closer to that 90-day mark, but I'm not as concerned with that since you'll have someone that will continue riding her. Does it work to plan for pickup the morning of July 29th? That will give me two more full weeks with her before she heads home.


Next week's update will be posted Friday.

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