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Florida: April 8

Unfortunately, I don't have much to update on this week.

I was hit with all of the "extra fun" flu symptoms on Monday morning. Physical activity was not my friend between recuperating from that, a nasty lingering cough, & these crazy high winds.

On the bright side, the horses have all settled in well & have figured out the feeding routine!

Before catching horses this afternoon, I moved the cows up to the place to prepare for calving. As I walked outside, I saw the group of mares (Florida & two other young mares) napping. Florida had her back a few feet away from a red gate on hinges. Within the short time I brought the cows up, she must have tried to roll or gotten startled & got into a bit of a scuffle with the gate enough to knock it off of its bottom hinge. As expected, she was a bit sore but was better about it as she moved around. After I caught her, I treated the scrapes with Spurr's Big Fix spray. As we chatted via text this afternoon, I'll continue to monitor it.


Today, we blew some of the week's dust off, braided her mane, & stood tied for a bit. She did pretty well. Of course, she has some nervous moments, but that's one of the big reasons I feel the undemanding time spent brushing & braiding is so beneficial.

I have trimming & lesson clients scheduled for this weekend, but I am looking forward to getting down to business come Monday when winds are at a light breeze of 30 MPH gusts instead of 60+!


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