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Florida: April 28

*Note: We were running out of daylight for Florida's photos this evening so the pictures are a bit grainier than I would like.

This week, we've continued to review, refine, & progress in the foundation groundwork exercises.

Florida has been a bit hard to catch. I have had to move her into a smaller pen to get her caught some days. Because of this, we've been working on hand targeting with positive reinforcement. I would like to present my hand (& eventually the halter) to her & have her choose to approach me. I used to follow the "wrong thing difficult, right thing easy" approach to catching (still applicable in other areas). Getting caught was the easy deal; not wanting to be caught meant moving your feet. I've really begun to move away from that method as it just wasn't fun for me or the horses & I didn't feel that catching really became solid with it. I've seen a big difference by using positive reinforcement instead. Treat receiving manners are very important, but Florida is just becoming confident enough to take a treat from my hand right now so that hasn't been a worry.

We've continued to spend a fair bit of time on Lunging Stage 1 & 2. She's been doing quite well but will have some moments where she gets nervous. She's surprised me at how well she's done with Circle Driving.

I had planned to set my Pivo up today to capture some video of Florida; however, the cows decided to put a hole in their tank, so the first half of my day was spent moving tanks around, trying to patch holes, & some dirt work. Videos will come next week! f


Next week, we'll continue to increase her confidence with being caught & we'll move into the round pen to work on Leading By the Feet & Laying Down. I have Jen scheduled to come out & do dentals on most of my personal horses on May 12th & Florida will also receive her dental & initial Equinitry session.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday night.


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