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Florida: April 20

This week, we've continued to work through the foundation groundwork exercises. We've added Lunging Stage 2 (quick turn & change direction) & Circle Driving. These exercises will bring about a significant change in Florida as she learns to bring her energy up & down & soften while moving her feet. Florida's confidence has continued to grow every day. While she still has times that she gets nervous & quick with her feet, she's doing much better at returning to a calmer state on her own. There's not nearly as much jaw clenching as there was initially.

Her leg has been doing great. I have not seen any soreness beyond those first couple of days.

We weren't able to do anything on Tuesday with the extreme wind. We don't have any protection from high South winds, so the mares were on the receiving end most of the day.


Next week, we'll continue to build her confidence by refining the foundation groundwork exercises. We may move to the round pen for round penning exercises & potentially Leading By the Feet & Laying Down if I feel she is ready. If the weather & wind cooperates, I'll pull out my Pivo to catch some video.


In maximizing training time during the short week, conformation-style photos will come with next week's update on Thursday night.

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