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Drifter: December 3

Drifter had a lot of firsts this week!

On Monday, Drifter began his transition into the snaffle bit. He did great with putting on & taking the bridle off. Initially, he worked his mouth a bit, but that's quite common. After Day 1, he's almost immediately been quiet with his mouth after bridling. Once comfortable while standing tied, we began carrying the bit while doing some groundwork & asking for lateral flexion with the bit. Surprisingly, Drifter showed a bit more brace, particularly to the right, than I had anticipated. Because of that, we continued to improve his flexion before riding in the snaffle. After this afternoon, he's been responding with much more softness on both sides. We'll be riding in the snaffle next week.

Drifter's First Day in the Snaffle Bit

Drifter was also tied at the barn with the other three client mares. He made no indication that he's still a stud. Honestly, he stands tied the best out of all of the client horses I have right now. That's incredibly nice.

On Tuesday, Drifter got to venture outside the arena for the first time. We trekked down the lane, down the gravel road, & walked the creek on the way back. Like many horses, he was a bit unsure of crossing the creek culverts the first time. After allowing him to check things out & a bit of coaxing, he went over it well. He gave it a small look & continued across on the way back. He was a bit looky at a mineral tub in the pasture & a few logs & signs along the lane, but overall, he was quiet & unbothered. He was more confident by the time we made it to the gravel road. He traveled on a loose rein at all three gaits & had no problem coming down from a lope to a calm walk. He even got to experience traffic for the first time; we met a neighbor with a pickup & trailer, shortly before this video, & he wasn't bothered by it.

On the way back up to the barn, we made our way down to the creek through the pasture. We spent some time on the bank before he stepped into the water. Once in, we walked the length & back. Before heading up to the house, we practiced stepping into the creek more willingly.

The rest of the week has only proved to build his confidence. Not much causes him concern & he's been stepping into the creek with more confidence.

Next week, we'll be back in the arena as we begin riding in the snaffle.

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