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Cricket: September 16 (Final Update)

During Cricket's final week here, we spent as much time outside as we could riding through the pastures, creek, trees, & cattle. We also finally got to play with the training ball some more. What a special horse you have, August! She's a character & will be quite hard to see leave, but I'm looking forward to watching you enjoy & grow in your horsemanship with her. Because she is still a young horse, she has some minor "young horse" moments here & there. At her age, it's always good to have a healthy bit of caution but at the same time also to trust & have faith in your horse. She's at a great place in her training & while there are always things to improve upon & advance, I really couldn't ask much more of her at this stage. At this point, it's time, experience, & mental & physical maturation that will see her continue to improve. Feeding Instructions:

AM: 4 lb Magnify & 4lb OMG

PM: 8 lb AlfaLux Cubes Short Shank Bit: I use the 1/2" Weighted Split Reins & the 5/8 Weighted Split Reins from the following link: An 8-9 foot roping style rein is pretty standard.


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