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Cody: July 7

This week, we spent our time outside of the arena riding the pastures & gravel roads or working on a few technical exercises up on the place since the arena hadn't quite dried out yet & then got another 1.33" Thursday night.

We predominantly worked on improving his reining & softness while out in a natural environment. We did a lot of transitions, stopping & backing from the walk & trot, & neck reining as we maneuvered through the pastures. Today was supposed to be bath & ride over to the public ground day, but I ended up having to give Randy a ride to the dentist, so I had to quickly take pictures of everybody before we lost light & then had what may have been Cody's best ride yet. He's much more comfortable with the turnaround now & it took the little trick of crossing the reins for that to hit home. This weekend, he'll accompany me back to Pierce for your lesson on Saturday & he'll be used to help me give a lesson on Sunday.

Next week, I anticipate the arena being soggy for most of the week, so we'll continue to ride & work on things outside. I may see how he does with a ported bit, too. Monday's looking to be a bit warmer, so should be a good day to knock baths out.

- Lexy Nuesch


Next week's update will be posted on Saturday.

I do my best to get these updates posted in a timely manner, but it's not uncommon for me to be outside until after dark, depending on the weather, my schedule, & who gets worked when so updates will sometimes be posted quite late in the evening. Don't be alarmed if you don't see your update right away. In rare cases, I may have to push them until the next morning, but I'll reach out & let you know if so.

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