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Cactus: October 21

A good last full week for Cactus!

On Wednesday, Cactus had a dental done. He had some sharp points, needed a new bit seat, & had his incisors leveled.

Today, Cactus got put to work again as we brought cattle up so thay calves could be weaned. On the way out to the cattle, he was able to walk, trot, walk, trot, lope, trot, walk all from my voice & body, without having to ever pick up the reins. That was pretty neat compared to what he was like when he first arrived.

Our cattle have been trained to follow a fourwheeler really well. It was just Cactus & I bringing the cows up today so it took a bit of effort. Having to run after cattle, slow down, & switch directions isn't Cactus' forte'. He does much better when he can stay at a steady pace with time to adjust his speed. Then, we had to sort the cows away from the calves again & I did feel that he had a better understanding of what we were doing.


Next week's update will be posted on Tuesday.

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